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Hey there :D
Name: Blue, Pancakes watever floats ur boat...
age: 17
likes: Pretty much everything...

Trio of awesome :heart:
Hey everyone!
Just thought i'd do a lil tumblr blog promotion on here so you guys can track what im doing outside of DA >W< <- My main blog. Basically where I just reblog stuff that I find amusing or that I like :D… <- My art blog. Where I put my art and where I reblog stuff that inspires me or relates to my comic <- My comic blog. It doesn't have any posts on it as I have yet to start the comic up but it's there when I need it <- My ask blog. A blog where you can ask myself or the characters from MC questions about the comic and discover more about the characters. <- A group blog that I am in with Yuunic and AbnormallyNice . It's where we post sketchy comics about our characters as if they lived in neighbouring studios. Be warned, a lot of hilarity and yaoi goes on here >w<

And yep thats all folks!
Hope you find something you like trawling through the many many blogs >w<

See ya~!

:heart: Blue


GrPr: Quinn by Blue-Pancakes
GrPr: Quinn


Name: Quinn
Nickname: N/A
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Preference: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Place of Origin: Fort Trox

Current job: Casual farm-hand, working in Nidia, specialises in herding the livestock.


  • Kind: Quinn is extremely kind hearted, always wanting to help those in need, as long as they deserve it.
  • Resourceful: Never leaves anything to waste. Be it food, material, even twigs. If it can be used in some shape or form she will use it.
  • Hard Working: You will never see Quinn slacking off on the job. She makes the most of the opportunities she gets and if that includes working for ungodly hours then so be it.
  • Weary: Regardless of Quinn’s kind nature and willingness to help, she is still weary of newcomers. She will help out by giving small amounts of food if asked politely but it takes a lot for her to trust you.
  • Protective: Once you gain her trust, Quinn will protect you with her life, sometimes putting the survival of other runners over hers.  
  • Animal Lover: One of her main reasons for working in Nidia is the opportunity to work closely with the farm animals. They seem to understand her more than other runners do anyway.


Scholar life:

Quinn was overlooked for most of her time at the Fort Trox clinic due to her muteness. Because of that she had to do a lot of the learning on her own and was actually quite good at it. Being overlooked meant that she wasn’t hassled about other things, or bullied by the other scholars. She grew up smart and excelled in the physical tasks that required strength so when she left she felt confident in that she knew she might be able to survive.

The downside to Quinn’s muteness was that she found it very hard to make allies. On initial release she thought that the friends she had made in the clinic (of which there were few) would stay by her side. Sadly they just took advantage of her strength and left her when they found no use for her anymore. Most of her life consisted of surviving for nights in the woods, scavenging and avoiding other runners. She would travel rather blindly throughout the world, not really caring where she ended up just as long as she was alive. From the ages of 10 to 15 that was her life, often doing odd jobs for money but basically just surviving.

When she was 16 she decided to venture back to Fort Trox to see if she could get any work as most of the work elsewhere had dried up. Instead she just found a whole load of corruption. Other runners took advantage of her kindness and gentle nature. Accepted made her work hours and hours on end with minimal pay. She was practically worked to the bone. When she was 18 she had finally had enough and moved on. A lot of the experiences from Fort Trox stayed with her, giving her trust issues and making her more prone to surviving by her own in the forest.

Present day(ish):
After 2 years of travelling she found herself around the area of Nidia, rather hungry and weak due to her lack of work which resulted in a lack of money. She stumbled into a paddock during the night and collapsed on one of the hay bales, waking up to a heard of curious livestock and a concerned looking farmer. She took Quinn in and gave her enough food and water to last her a few days and was about to send her on her way when she noticed the physical strength that the young woman had. The farmer asked if Quinn would stay and work the farm for an undetermined time in which she would be repaid with food and shelter. Quinn accepted and has been working there ever since. She enjoys working there for the most of it as she feels she has a purpose when looking after the animals. The Accepted in town know her quite well and are usually rather kind to her, giving her other small jobs to do when the work on the farm runs dry. Still, Quinn longs for something more, for adventure beyond the cities and Accepted. But her time as a runner is dwindling, and the thrill of adventure might not be possible if she stays where she is.


  • Strong: Just from looking at her it is obvious that Quinn is very strong which is normally enough to deter other runners from stealing from her flat out.
  • Good Listener: Her inability to talk has meant that for most of her life, Quinn has just been a listener. Because of this she knows quite a lot of secrets others might not want her knowing. But she’s mute, she can’t tell anyone so why should it matter?
  • Cook: Quinn can make a delicious meal out of pretty much anything which can attract a lot of hungry Runners.


  • Silent: Quinn doesn’t talk…ever. She was born mute and thus has to make due with gestures and facial expression to communicate. This can sometimes be a struggle as many runners and accepted have taken advantage of her inability to say no to dirty work.
  • Obedient: Quinn’s obedience has got her into some tricky situations. Her inability to say no is usually exploited, meaning she’s had to do a lot of dirty work against her will.
  • Hard to understand: Quinn has to communicate through expressions and gestures, most of which other runners and Accepted don’t understand which frustrates her to no end.


  • Animals: Be it scaly or fluffy, Quinn loves them all the same.
  • Music: Even though she doesn’t play, the sound of music always calms her and makes her feel safe.
  • Younger Runners: She can’t stand seeing a hungry runner or a younger runner being mistreated so she will always help them out. If only so they stay alive. 
  • Rain: Living on a farm she has learnt to love the rain when it comes.


  • Fort Trox: The bad experiences she had there will never leave her
  • Thieves: She's had to deal with enough thieves in her time to learn to hate them
  • Time: It's a weird thing to dislike but when your time of 'freedom' is running out, you start to hate the ticking of the clock. 


  • Quinn generally abides by the law, although she has done things in the past that could have got her arrested if she wasn’t careful. She doesn’t really want to take that chance again…

Preferred stead:

  • If Quinn could choose she would love to go travelling, but past experience has told her that if you find a good spot, stay put…at least for now.

Combat specialty:

  • Close combat- When Quinn does fight it’s usually with her fists, knocking out the opponent quickly and then getting the hell out of there.


  • Butterfly knife- Hardly ever used in combat and is usually used to cut her hair or cut up pieces of food.
  • Bandages- Used to bind her chest as well as binding for wounds. (PS to anyone who binds, don’t use ACE bandages! Buy proper binders, they’re much safer :))
  • Bag- Carries most of Quinn’s belonging and has been very handy for when she’s travelling around.


  • Androgynous- Quinn doesn’t really mind whether people think she’s a boy or a girl, she generally doesn’t identify with either for the most of it.
  • Language- She has a particular way of communicating that she could teach to others, if only they would take the time to learn...

American Dragon~! by Blue-Pancakes
American Dragon~!
Dudes I loved this weird dragon boi
Seriously this was like my favourite show when I was younger >w<
So I thought that yes I would draw this sassy susan Divaplz 
season one art was better than season two

American Dragon (c) Disney

Danny Phantom by Blue-Pancakes
Danny Phantom
So i dont rly know whats happening but im on like a fanart kick
and im just pumping these suckers out at the moment lo so yep
Here's a lil blast from the ghosty past for ya ;)

danny phantom (C) Butch Hartman 


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